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Joseph A. Sciarretta

Joseph A. Sciarretta Esq.

Kristin L. Scogin

Department of the Public Defender

Timothy A. Scott

Coleman, Balogh & Scott LLP

Shannon L. Sebeckis

Office of the Primary Public Defender

David I. Semco

Law Offices of David Semco

Babak Semnar

Semnar Law Firm Inc.

John H. Serrano

Law Office of John Serrano

Arlene Aquintey Sevidal

Office of the Attorney General

Charles M. Sevilla

Law Office of Charles Sevilla

Ronson J. Shamoun

RJS Law - A Tax Law Firm

David P. Shapiro

The Law Office of David P. Shapiro APLC

Philip A. Shapiro

Law Office of Philip A. Shapiro

Khodadad D. Sharif

Sharif Faust Lawyers Ltd.

Laura R. Sheppard

Law Office of Laura R. Sheppard

Mahir T. Sherif

Law Office of Mahir T. Sherif

Robert N. Sherman

Law Office of Robert N. Sherman

Phyllis Adkisson Shess

San Diego Sex Offender Management Council

Siri Shetty

Law Offices of Siri Shetty

Ted S. Shin

The Law Office of Ted S. Shin

Alice C. Shotton

Appellate Defenders Inc.

Bruce E. Silva

Office of the District Attorney

D. Elisabeth Silva

Office of the District Attorney

Milton J. Silverman

Law Office of Milton J. Silverman

David A. Simon

Law Offices of David Simon

Alexander J. Simpson

California Innocence Project

Peter W. Singer

Law Offices of Peter W. Singer

Richard P. Siref

Alternate Public Defender

Mark S. Skeels

Office of the City Attorney

Stephanie Slattery

Department of the Public Defender

Bruce C. Smith

U.S. Attorney's Office

Craig M. Smith

Federal Defenders of San Diego Inc.

Daniel M. Smith

San Diego Defenders

Gerald E. Smith

Law Office of Gerald E. Smith

Kenneth R. So

Office of the City Attorney

Bruce H. Sobel

Law Offices of Bruce H. Sobel

Anthony J. Solare

Solare & Scott

David B. Songco

Office of the Attorney General

Mark G. Spencer

Law Office of Mark G. Spencer

Matthew J. Speredelozzi

Law Office of Matthew J. Speredelozzi

Samuel E. Spital

Spital & Associates

Robert J. Stall

Office of Assigned Counsel

Lisa G. Stark

Office of the District Atorney

Tanya Starkweather

Department of the Public Defender

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